Project Plan

It is envisaged that the project would run for three years:

Year 1 (starting May 2008):
Compilation of data and design of a searchable database of burials;
The holding of an open Symposium on 22nd November 2008, entitled ‘Mapping Death: people, boundaries and territories in Ireland, 1st to 8th centuries AD’;
Post-graduate seminars relating to the project to be offered in UCD in Autumn Term 2008;
Preliminary entry of data and testing of database.

Year 2:
Continuing entry  of  data into database;
Testing of database throughout archaeological community.
Compilation of the inter-disciplinary study and interpretation of burial practices. Extension of collaboration with international colleagues.                                   Continuation of interaction with scientific community with regard to use of isotopic/strontium analysis and c14 dating.                                                                        The holding of an International two-day Symposium  on 27th/28th November 2009.

Year 3
Database to become fully accessible;
Completion of an in-depth inter-disciplinary study of a series of burial sites.
Production of guidelines on aspects of Irish burials;
Production of a blueprint on inter-disciplinary studies (archaeology, landscape, history, documentary sources);

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